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To be a true LEADER it's not enough to self-entitle
or to invoke a certain turnover.
To be a leader it's a consequence and not a premise.
To be a leader it means to be remarked and not self-entitled.

Launching the concept "The New Warranty"


To difference FLINTAB brand from the competition.
Positive positioning of FLINTAB brand in terget's perception.
Catching the eyes by promoting the new.


Association of the newness with the leader status for FLINTAB brand.

Which is a leader's profile?
the first choice in a truck scale procurement process
innovative spirit
loud voice
is heard
lis involving
is being remarked
responsible attitude
brave thinking
is re-inventing

Colours: black, red and white, the most powerful colours; black and white are yang and yin, red is the power, the decided action and the enthusiasm.

9 is the almost perfect note (grade), closest to the perfect 10.
9 (nine) means also "new" in Romanian (the new warranty).
9 spelling is also similar to the word "ours" - the "us" family, us - the FLINTAB team.
9 is completeness and emergence in numerology.
9 is fame and aspiration in feng-shui.

The background is assocated with a four-petals trefoil (clover), a symbol of rarity, oneness and luck.
The shape is a representation of four intersected circles.
The circle is zen, it's the perfection we are striving for.
The circle is also the clock's shape. The clock is the symbol of the accuracy. Accuracy is the symbol of weighing.

Sharp 10 o'clock, between the two pointers is highlighted in red, as a permanent target: "Working for the perfect scale".
We are 5 minutes far away...


I wish to be the first to reach it. Follow me!
Dana Rus
March 2012

G9F: New FLINTAB warranty

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