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Representing >50% of a truck scale price,

(without the foundation's costs, which assumes a correct design and execution), the rest is the electronics and services, the weighing platform is the logo of the entire system.
So, with comparable electronics and other services, the platform is the first which makes the difference.
The platform design and the used metal quantity fot it's fabrication determines the life of a truck scale.

DIN 8119  1045

International refference standards

CLC (Concentrated Load Capacity) is an international industrial indicator, and it's the value which defines the maximum concentrated load of the axle group to which the platform is designed for, value specified by the producer.
CLC measures the ability to weigh concentrated loads in small areas of the platform. An increased CLC value determines a long life of the truck scale, with keeping intact the metrological parameters. A small CLC value leads to a metal used economy of 15..30%.


Safety factor

Safety Factor
In the designing calculations the specialists uses admited resistances related to material break resistance. This ratio, named safety factor SF, measures the traffic intensity on the truck scale platform.


Finite Element Analysis

FEA (Finite Element Analysis) measures the material stress factors, virtually, on each component of the structure in the most defavorable loading conditions of the platform, resulting the high damage risc or early depreciation platform areas.
Finite Element Analysis allows the metal/concrete consumptions optimization, needed for the platform fabrication without affecting it's resistance, and it places the structure in the safe technical security area and long life lasting.


Platform deflection

The platform's deflection under the maximum load: "F" measures the rigidity.


Platform height

A low deck height value, known as "low-profile" structure, determines low and short ramps, optimizing the space in which the platform is installed. On the other side, with a metal consumption decrease of 15..30% and a high deck height value doubles the width and height of the ramps, with high costs and a waste of space.

The most important thing is the synergy of the two essential factors for the lifetime period: the traffic and axle load.


optimal values

LIGHT-DUTY                55..60K
NORMAL-DUTY           65..70K
HEAVY-DUTY              70..75K
EXTREME-DUTY          80..90K

DIN 8119 / DIN 1045
Minimum 10t / axle
Optimal 12t / axle

Minimum > 1,5
Optimal 1,7..2

Some simple side pipe railings cannot be compared to the high side beams of the FLINTAB truck scales which provides a real protection against the sliding off the weighing platform.


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