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FLINTEC loadcells

RC3 loadcells are available from 7.5t to 300t and are classified according to OIML R 6; NTEP nmax= 15000. These full stainless steel construction, hermetically sealed loadcells are ideal for use in the most harsh industrial environments.

KELI loadcells

C3 loadcells are available in a range between 10t and 50t. In fully stainless steel construction and perfectly sealed, they are ideal for harsh industrial environments use.

BX1 weight indicator

BX1 weight indicator is a precise and versatile tool, aprooved by OIML R76 for 10000d and 2x6000d. 20mm red LED display with 6 digits and industrial keyboard. With a wide data interface options and electronic calibration facility, BX1 is the perfect terminal for controlling the weighing processes.

IT3000 weight indicator

IT3000 is an industrial weighing instrument with the following facilities:
BASIC for simple weighing
COUNT for parts count
CHECK for scale checking
FILL for dosing systems
ONLINE for remote systems
TRUCK/ONLINEfor scales with a PC connection

Software and Hardware

SWAN software pack administrates the vehicle weighing process. The communication with the digital weighing indicator (and with the optional accessories of the truck scale) is very flexible: TCP/IP (FTP, optical fiber, wireless), RS232C, RS485/RS422.

Alphanumeric external display

The external displays are controlled via RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 serial interfaces or via Ethernet. The solid steel and aluminium housing ensures normal operation conditions even in harsh industrial environments.

Traffic lights control

Red-green traffic light system consists of 2 devices for only one-way or two-way traffic light / four-way traffic lights. The traffic lights with 120mm LED are used usually for railways, taxing spots or parking lot where the traffic fluidization is needed.

Infrared barriers

The infrared barriers purpose with the software module that restricts the weighing validation is to check the correct position of the vehicle on the scale.

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