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There are many types of loadcells designed for truck scales use. Many manufacturers say that their loadcells are perfectly sealed, therefore, this term almost lost it's sense by abusive use, without the real technical support that it requires.
So, another standard needed to be created: true hermetic sealing. This is the first criteria which makes the difference between the loadcells and the complete sealing method through glass on metal high welding technology and nitrogen filled cavities, method applied only by top manufacturers, makes their loadcells to be the best.
The indicators which must be searched for in the technical specification are:

  • perfect sealing against humidity
  • protection standard IP68
  • stainless steel 17-4 PH which provides the best performance for the stainless steel alloy


gas-discharge tubes




On the second place are the loadcells, with a procent of

of a truck scale value

                  Verify the provenience or the trademark of the loadcells. The value of a
                 chineese sensor is less than half of a german sensor. Multiplied by the
                number of sensors (6 or 8), the difference may mean a value between 1500
              and 2000 euros. These loadcells are "the heart" of the truck scale and their
            failure leads to it's out of use or expensive costs for their replacement. When
         they bid "no-name" loadcells, make sure you ask for the OIML certificate or verify
        it on the internet. There are loadcells which don't specify the real temperature
      range (-10°..+40°/-20°..+50°C), so weak for the cold or hot weather! More, they
    don't specify the material and the sealing, and the safety overload is only 125%!
  (source: OIML certificate R60/2000-GB1-09.07).
There are loadcells which reach also only 120% overload!

The number of loadcells: 6 or 8?
The truck scales mounted on 6 loadcells are more reliable than the those mounted on 8 loadcells. The "eight loadcells" formula allows an important decreased use of metal from the resistance structure of the platform, plus that two more electronic equipments affects proportionally the failure rate.
Analogic or digital loadcells?
The only advantage of the digital solution is the one of the direct communication of each cell by storing it's calibration parameters on a pc station. But the legislation on the using of the truck scales for the commercial transactions doesn't allow this type of software callibration, but only the etalon weight callibration. Digital cells are actually analogic cells which have inside them an A/D converter for converting the analogic signal into a digital signal. They have the same accuracy as the analogic ones, the A/D converter being dedicated exclusively to the type of signal. The electronic components added (and the aditional welded connections) needed for the digital signal reduces the reliability of the digital cell comparing with the less complex analogic loadcell. More, the digital cells are not interchangeable, their first manufacturer couldn't be replaced with others, and their price is 15..20% bigger.

Every loadcell capacity is 30 tons according to the best international practice.

Self-Alignment ROCKER COLUMN loadcells

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