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In every weighing system, all electronic components are imported. The only major component which can be fabricated in country is the weighing platform. Unfortunately, most truck scales merchants import these platforms at the lowest prices on the market, thus, even adding the transport cost (container or truck), to be still a LOW-COST system. Every half of year, these merchants changes their suppliers because there is always other "the lowest" price or , worse, the already installed platforms start to deteriorate.
The risks are incalculable: total lack of control within the design and fabrication process leaves unsecured the platform warranty, only declared, not assumed or demonstrated. At least the loadcells and the weighing indicator have a CE certificate, the platform doesn't. Import of a prestigious platform at which adds the price of the transportation would make impossible to bid by these firms.
A more limited category avoids these risks and contracts the platform to a company which has it's own project or bought, but verified. This compromise limits usually the number of models to one, maximum two and maintains the risk.
In both cases, delivery terms depends on the real manufacturer, not by the merchant.

In the best case, the manufacturer of a truck scale designs and fabricates it's own platforms having a complete control on both processes of design and fabrication - plus the flexibility of a delivery schedule, predictible and interchangeable. But this requires having a factory with production halls, storing space, modern machining equipments, welding, sandblasting and painting, workers with high qualification skills. More than that, the existence of a credible and experimented partner for the concrete supply forms a perfect place for SUPER PREMIUM truck scales weighing platforms.

Crane truck for transport and installation.

Truck with crane and standard weights for initial metrological tests.

Chineese scales costs less than 10000 US Dollars!
Small firms resale them.

FLINTAB owns a factory with two manufacturing halls, with precise and tested processes.

The FLINTAB fabrication and assembly site covers an area of 14000m2 with two main halls 2000m2 each and inside/outside storage areas of 8000m2, equipped with 6 indoor and outdoor lifting facilities.

  • modern devices for thermal cutting of the sub-assemblies
  • manual cutting devices and semi-automatic oxygen and plasma devices
  • hydaulic guillotine and abkant
  • rolling and straightening devices
  • multifunctional machine for cutting, punching (embossing), cutting up metallic sheets
    and profiles
  • automatic saw for cutting metallic profiles
  • belt polishing devices
  • machine for cutting and bending reinforcement bars
  • metallic processing on machine tools: radius perforate machines, universal milling machines
    and CNC lathes (Computer Numerical Controlled)
  • welding equipment with coated electrode and synergic welding wire devices based on inverter technology
  • sandblasting machine and airless painting machine









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